Introducing Aavid’s new online thermal design tool

An easy web app that creates effective manufacturable heat sinks.

input YOUR parameters
Customize Your Heat Sink
Make it a Reality

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design thermal solutions at a
fraction of the cost

Free to register and use, Aavid Genie takes your inputs and approximates thermal performance, pressure drop, and mass for a variety of heat sink constructions.

You can continue to customize and design your heat sink and only pay when you run a full thermal simulation.

No License Needed

Most design software requires costly licenses. The Aavid Genie does not have any licensing fees and can be used at any time.

Pay Per Solution

Aavid Genie allows you to pay as you go and only for what you need. Genie Credits can be used to run simulations or buy drawings or 3D CAD models.

Free Registration

It is free to register and to get started! Try it today and get 3 Free Wishes (Credits). Each Credit is good for one thermal simulation.


  • Effective, Manufacturable Solutions
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Mobile Friendly