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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Genie: Flow Definition

Do I need a flow bypass for my heat sink?

If you have a fixed duct and your heat sink is smaller than this duct size, then you will have a bypass. Bypasses decrease the amount of airflow through the fins and decreases both the thermal performance (i.e. higher thermal resistance) and the pressure drop. Learn more about the difference between ducts, bypasses, and free flow within Aavid Genie in our blog post.

Why are the estimated performances between fixed standard flow and fixed impinge flow the same?

Currently, Aavid Genie doesn’t have the ability to accurately estimate the performance of impinged flow on straight fin heat sinks. Until the Genie gains this power, the Genie uses the standard fixed flow option instead. This is a conservative estimation for impinged flows, but know that you’ll see a lower temperature rise than what you see with the standard fixed flow option.