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Frequently Asked Questions

General Genie Questions

What is Aavid Genie?

The Aavid Genie is your thermal engineer in a bottle, which utilizes a cloud based system solver to simulate thermal solutions, i.e. heat sinks. Simply input your requirements and parameters, and the genie will design your manufacturable heat sink and provide a full thermal report. Simulations are on a pay per solve basis and do not require any licensing fees. There are no minimum or maximum uses, you can use the Aavid Genie one time or over one thousand times in a year and just pay as you go.

Why should I use Aavid Genie?

Full blown thermal simulation software is expensive, has a steep learning curve, and takes a considerable amount of time to solve the simulation. Aavid Genie has a simple web-based interface that helps you build your heat sink, define your conditions, and conducts a thermal simulation within minutes. Unlike other thermal software, the Genie is on a pay per solve basis, so you don’t pay for a year-long license fee for an application you may rarely use.

What do I need to know before I use Aavid Genie?

The Genie saves your progress as you go so you can pick up and put down a project any time, even if you need to check an input. Read our Project Checklist for some of the important information that will help you get the most of your Aavid Genie experience.

Thermal reports are free with your simulation. Drawings and models will also be made available for an additional fee. You can also request a quote, either for prototypes or production, directly from the application.

Additional credits can be purchased in the application through PayPal or through our Sales Team.

What software requirements are there to summon Aavid Genie?

Aavid Genie works best on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, macOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Aavid Genie is also compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Are there hardware requirements to summon Aavid Genie?

None! You can use your desktop, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone to access Aavid Genie. Since Aavid Genie is a web-based app, all of the heavy lifting for estimating performance and thermal simulations are done on the cloud. You don’t need to worry about having enough processing power or memory to run the Genie.

How do I start using Aavid Genie?

You can register and start right away with three free credits! Start Now.

Aavid Genie has handy tips to help you along your project. If you require more guidance, check the quick start guide or view an in-depth video tutorial.

Which languages does Aavid Genie support?

Aavid Genie supports English, German, Italian, and French.

When switching to your preferred language on the “Edit Profile” page, please select your language in the drop down menu and click the “Update” button. Otherwise your selection will not be saved when projects go to the cloud for simulation.

Please note: Solution reports are created in the language saved onto your profile in this manner.

What special characters can I use for my Aavid Genie password?

You can use !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, and *. Unfortunately, other characters cannot be used as it might run the risk of being read incorrectly by the Genie.