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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Genie: Heat Sources

What do I see in the Heat Source Positioning Image?

Aavid Genie allows you to place heat sources in the Heat Source page of the project. The image on the right where you can drag and place heat sources is looking at the top of your heat sources that you will place the heat sink on top of. Our blog post illustrates where your heat sources are placed in relation to your heat sink in the heat source placement page.

What is a “Uniform Heat Load” and why would I add one to my heat sink?

A Uniform Heat Load in Aavid Genie allows you to account for additional smaller heat sources not worth individually modeling and defining in Genie, but collectively they contribute to the overall heat load. This will distribute the additional heat load uniformly across the heat sink base and offer a more accurate simulation of your heat sink’s thermal performance.

Why won’t Aavid Genie let me simulate?

There’s a couple reasons why AavidGenie won’t let you simulate:

1. You have overlapping heat sources. The Genie gets a little confused when two heat sources overlap, so the interface prevents you from simulating this condition.

2. Your heat sink is smaller than your heat source. This can sometimes happen when you decrease your heat sink size in “Heat Sink Design” and you had a custom heat source size from your “Project Conditions” page.

3. You don’t have any credits left. Learn how to purchase more Aavid Genie Credits.

If you still have an issue simulating after you fix these issues, please contact: