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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Genie: Project Sharing

Can I share my Aavid Genie Project with someone?

Yup! Just select the share icon:

Then you enter in the email address of the person you would like to send it to:

If it is confidential, it must be a current registered Aavid Genie User. If not, the project can be sent to anyone.

You can additional recipients from your design team using the blue plus button and add a few comments for your team before you send them the project.

Can I share my project with someone who doesn’t use Aavid Genie?

Of course! But your project recipient won’t be able to retrieve the project without registering (for free) as a user in Aavid Genie with the email address that you sent it to. They’ll get an email with instructions when you share the project with them.

What do I share when I share my Aavid Genie project?

The project shared with your project recipient is a snapshot of what you have in the project at the time of sharing. If you update the project, the project will not update for anyone you have shared the project to. If your project has been simulated, the solution goes with the project. So project recipients will not need to re-simulate the project, unless they want to simulate changes they have made to the project.

Why isn’t the simulation showing on the copy of my solved project?

The intent for copied projects is to modify them and compare them to the original solution, which stays with the project even after you copy it. Aavid Genie removes the solution from the new project to avoid confusion between the copy and the original.