Aavid Genie Language Selection Options - German, English, French, Italian

Language Selection in Aavid Genie

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Making Thermal Design Speak Your Language

While physics and math are constant between cultures globally, the language we use to discuss these concepts aren’t always the same. That’s why Aavid Genie has learned a few more languages. The Genie wants to to make thermal management and design more accessible and adding a few more languages to it repertoire was an obvious choice.

Change your language before you start simulating. Your thermal reports are generated in the language that is saved to your account when you simulate.

How do I change my language setting in Aavid Genie?

First: log into Aavid Genie!

Next: Select the “User Options” icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Aavid Genie Menu options
The “User Options” is the little guy up in the top right hand corner

Now select the option “Edit Profile.” This will bring you to your account details.

Edit Profile Screenshot in Aavid Genie

Once you are on the page labeled “Edit Your Account” you’ll see “Language” as your first drop down menu selection.

Aavid Genie - How to Change the Language - English, French, Italian, German

Click the drop down menu and select your preferred language. Your default language will be switched over to your new selection. That’s not the last step! You need to save these changes by going to theĀ “Update” button. Click the button to save your language selection.

Aavid Genie - How to Accept Account Changes

Please make sure you save your language before you simulate!

Good Guy Greg - Aavid Genie Learns New Languages2

Happy Designing!