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Frequently Asked Questions

General Genie Questions

What is Aavid Genie?

The Aavid Genie is your thermal engineer in a bottle, which utilizes a cloud based system solver to simulate thermal solutions, i.e. heat sinks. Simply input your requirements and parameters, and the genie will design your manufacturable heat sink and provide a full thermal report. Simulations are on a pay per solve basis and do not require any licensing fees. There are no minimum or maximum uses, you can use the Aavid Genie one time or over one thousand times in a year and just pay as you go.

Why should I use Aavid Genie?

Full blown thermal simulation software is expensive, has a steep learning curve, and takes a considerable amount of time to solve the simulation. Aavid Genie has a simple web-based interface that helps you build your heat sink, define your conditions, and conducts a thermal simulation within minutes. Unlike other thermal software, the Genie is on a pay per solve basis, so you don’t pay for a year-long license fee for an application you may rarely use.

What do I need to know before I use Aavid Genie?

The Genie saves your progress as you go so you can pick up and put down a project any time, even if you need to check an input. Read our Project Checklist for some of the important information that will help you get the most of your Aavid Genie experience.

Thermal reports are free with your simulation. Drawings and models will also be made available for an additional fee. You can also request a quote, either for prototypes or production, directly from the application.

Additional credits can be purchased in the application through PayPal or through our Sales Team.

What software requirements are there to summon Aavid Genie?

Aavid Genie works best on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, macOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Aavid Genie is also compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Are there hardware requirements to summon Aavid Genie?

None! You can use your desktop, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone to access Aavid Genie. Since Aavid Genie is a web-based app, all of the heavy lifting for estimating performance and thermal simulations are done on the cloud. You don’t need to worry about having enough processing power or memory to run the Genie.

How do I start using Aavid Genie?

You can register and start right away with three free credits! Start Now.

Aavid Genie has handy tips to help you along your project. If you require more guidance, check the quick start guide or view an in-depth video tutorial.

Which languages does Aavid Genie support?

Aavid Genie supports English, German, Italian, and French.

When switching to your preferred language on the “Edit Profile” page, please select your language in the drop down menu and click the “Update” button. Otherwise your selection will not be saved when projects go to the cloud for simulation.

Please note: Solution reports are created in the language saved onto your profile in this manner.

What special characters can I use for my Aavid Genie password?

You can use !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, and *. Unfortunately, other characters cannot be used as it might run the risk of being read incorrectly by the Genie.

Using Genie: Project Conditions

I have a range of environmental conditions, what should I tell Aavid Genie?

For conservative results, use the harshest potential conditions that are likely to affect your heat sink. Typically this means the highest elevation and highest temperature that the devices or end product will experience. Our blog post about the range of environmental conditions goes into more depth on this topic.

What does the Genie mean by “Working Envelope”?

This is the volume you have available for your heat sink. If you don’t have a fixed volume that you are working with, try using the largest preferred volume for your heat sink. Be sure to take into consideration any existing enclosures or ducts as those may dictate specific dimensions available to you. Our blog post about the working envelope and heat sink volume goes into more depth on this topic.

How does Aavid Genie define depth?

In Aavid Genie, “depth” is the flow length of the fins. In other words, the depth is the direction perpendicular to the heat sink profile.

What does the Genie mean by “Total Load of Devices”?

Your device may be powered by 100W but is only dissipating 20W as heat. The 20W is what the heat sink will need to dissipate, so that is what your input to Aavid Genie should be. Our blog post about power dissipation of heat sources details the difference.

How do I know what my Maximum Pressure Drop is?

Consider what is producing your airflow. If you aren’t using a fan, you have minimal pressure drop available to you. If you are using a fan or blower, you will need to consider a fan curve (PQ Curve). If you have an air flow for a whole system, you will need to consider the other elements in your system in relation to the fan curve.

I have multiple devices, what should I input as the Total Heat Source Size?

In the project conditions page, Aavid Genie allows you to customize the size of your device. This is only to get an estimation of the power density and its effect on heat spreading in the base. You should select dimensions that will generate a footprint area equivalent to the sum of the footprint area all the devices will have on your base.

Why does Aavid Genie only apply Radiation to Natural Convection cases?

Aavid Genie will only apply the effects of radiation to heat sinks that have no forced flow, or are removing heat by natural convection. This is because the effect of radiation is a noticeable portion of heat transfer during natural convection, but fairly insignificant in forced convection situations.

I’m not sure if I should use the Maximum Case Temperature or Thermal Resistance?

It depends upon what value you have available to you, but they both will produce a maximum case temperature. If you have neither of these values, the Maximum Case Temperature may be the easier one to calculate from the datasheet of your device. Read more about calculating these values in our blog post.

Using Genie: Technology Selection

What flow rates do “Low”, “Medium”, and “High” refer to?

In “Technology Selection”, low flow is at a velocity of 1 m/s, medium flow has a flow velocity of 5 m/s, and 10 m/s flow velocity for high flow. You can update the flow rate when you go to the “Flow Definition” step before simulating.

What type of heat sinks does Aavid Genie support?

Aavid Genie designs straight fin heat sinks utilizing extrusions, bonded fin, brazed fin, folded fin, skived fin, and zipper fin heat sink assembly technologies.

How does Aavid Genie generate heat sinks for the Technology Selection Matrix?

Aavid Genie first tries to find a heat sink that meets your project conditions. If Genie cannot find a solution for that Technology/Flow combination, the box in the matrix will be colored red, with the condition that isn’t being met written in red text.
Aavid Genie then reduces the amount of material of each Technology/Flow Combination, while still meeting the project conditions.

How do I pick a heat sink type/technology?

This is dependent on your requirements and preference. Within the application, you can have Genie “rank” the technology/flow combinations based on your key requirements such as “weight” or “size”. This allows you to choose the technology that best suits your needs.

How do I pick between natural or forced convection?

This is dependent on our application requirements and conditions. Applications that experience debris, require high reliability beyond what a fan would allow, or are extremely noise sensitive would be good candidates for natural convection. Additionally, smaller and lower power applications may not require forced convection. Read more about the comparison between natural convection versus forced convection in our Aavid Genie blog post.

Using Genie: Heatsink Design

Can I add heat pipes to my heat sink base in Aavid Genie?

Yes, you can! This is to help you get an idea of how much thermal performance can be gained by utilizing heat pipes to spread high density heat loads.

To keep things simple, Aavid Genie only uses straight heat pipes that either go the full length or full width of your heat sink. You can place multiple heat pipes, define what size diameter heat pipes to include, or what direction you’d like them to point. Out blog post explains how Aavid Genie will place your heat pipes in your heat sink.

When you submit your heat sink for quote, your Aavid Sales representative will discuss what you need for heat spreading and our engineers can help pick the best heat pipe layout for you.

Should I have my heat pipe perpendicular or parallel to the fins?

This depends upon the application, but generally the heat pipes should be perpendicular to the fins so the heat pipe can spread the heat more effectively throughout the fins.

Where are heat pipes placed in the base?

Aavid Genie will place heat pipes under your heat sources or spread them out under multiple devices. Our blog post shows the placement of heat pipes in your heat sink in Aavid Genie.


What does “Fixed Heat Sink Height” mean?

This option allows you to alter the base thickness or fin height without changing the total set height of the heat sink. This is important when working within a fixed height enclosure or duct. For example: in many server applications, boards must fit within predefined heights, so if a board and it’s solution need to stay within a 1U envelope, the heat sink height cannot be increased past that height.

Using Genie: Flow Definition

Do I need a flow bypass for my heat sink?

If you have a fixed duct and your heat sink is smaller than this duct size, then you will have a bypass. Bypasses decrease the amount of airflow through the fins and decreases both the thermal performance (i.e. higher thermal resistance) and the pressure drop. Learn more about the difference between ducts, bypasses, and free flow within Aavid Genie in our blog post.

Why are the estimated performances between fixed standard flow and fixed impinge flow the same?

Currently, Aavid Genie doesn’t have the ability to accurately estimate the performance of impinged flow on straight fin heat sinks. Until the Genie gains this power, the Genie uses the standard fixed flow option instead. This is a conservative estimation for impinged flows, but know that you’ll see a lower temperature rise than what you see with the standard fixed flow option.

Using Genie: Heat Sources

What do I see in the Heat Source Positioning Image?

Aavid Genie allows you to place heat sources in the Heat Source page of the project. The image on the right where you can drag and place heat sources is looking at the top of your heat sources that you will place the heat sink on top of. Our blog post illustrates where your heat sources are placed in relation to your heat sink in the heat source placement page.

What is a “Uniform Heat Load” and why would I add one to my heat sink?

A Uniform Heat Load in Aavid Genie allows you to account for additional smaller heat sources not worth individually modeling and defining in Genie, but collectively they contribute to the overall heat load. This will distribute the additional heat load uniformly across the heat sink base and offer a more accurate simulation of your heat sink’s thermal performance.

Why won’t Aavid Genie let me simulate?

There’s a couple reasons why AavidGenie won’t let you simulate:

1. You have overlapping heat sources. The Genie gets a little confused when two heat sources overlap, so the interface prevents you from simulating this condition.

2. Your heat sink is smaller than your heat source. This can sometimes happen when you decrease your heat sink size in “Heat Sink Design” and you had a custom heat source size from your “Project Conditions” page.

3. You don’t have any credits left. Learn how to purchase more Aavid Genie Credits.

If you still have an issue simulating after you fix these issues, please contact:

Using Genie: Simulation Results

Why isn’t the simulation showing on the copy of my solved project?

The intent for copied projects is to modify them and compare them to the original solution, which stays with the project even after you copy it. Aavid Genie removes the solution from the new project to avoid confusion between the copy and the original.

Why isn’t the 3D image of my simulation loading?

Occasionally, browser settings prevent the plug-in used for showing the 3D thermal contours.

You can either change your plug-in settings and enable them or you can update your browser to the latest version. You may need to reload the page and reopen your project from the project list page if you do either of these.

If those don’t work please contact

Using Genie: Project Sharing

Can I share my Aavid Genie Project with someone?

Yup! Just select the share icon:

Then you enter in the email address of the person you would like to send it to:

If it is confidential, it must be a current registered Aavid Genie User. If not, the project can be sent to anyone.

You can additional recipients from your design team using the blue plus button and add a few comments for your team before you send them the project.

Can I share my project with someone who doesn’t use Aavid Genie?

Of course! But your project recipient won’t be able to retrieve the project without registering (for free) as a user in Aavid Genie with the email address that you sent it to. They’ll get an email with instructions when you share the project with them.

What do I share when I share my Aavid Genie project?

The project shared with your project recipient is a snapshot of what you have in the project at the time of sharing. If you update the project, the project will not update for anyone you have shared the project to. If your project has been simulated, the solution goes with the project. So project recipients will not need to re-simulate the project, unless they want to simulate changes they have made to the project.

Why isn’t the simulation showing on the copy of my solved project?

The intent for copied projects is to modify them and compare them to the original solution, which stays with the project even after you copy it. Aavid Genie removes the solution from the new project to avoid confusion between the copy and the original.

Using Genie: Genie Credits

How do I get credits if I can’t use PayPal?

You can purchase a key code through our Aavid Sales team so you can use other purchasing methods like Net 30 terms. Your Aavid contact will provide a key code which is redeemable through the Aavid Genie Web App for the number of credits you purchased.

We are working on incorporating the purchase of Aavid Genie Credits with our upcoming revitalization of the Aavid E-store. We’ll post an update here when that happens.

Do Aavid Genie credits expire?

Nope! The credits you have on your account stay with you until you use them.

How do I get more credits for Aavid Genie?

After you register and log into Aavid Genie look at the top right corner of your screen:

Select “User Options,” which is the person icon, then “Buy Credits”:

Here you can purchase credits through PayPal or redeem a Key Code for credits:

Where do I redeem key codes for Credits?

Redeem Aavid Genie Credits within the Web app itself. Select the “User Option” icon in the top right corner of the app and then select “Buy Credits.”

You’ll see a card on the right where you can enter a key code which will redeem the credits immediately.

Do key codes for redeeming Aavid Genie credits expire?

Yes, key codes used for redeeming Aavid Genie credits will expire in time, so redeem them as soon as possible! This is especially true for promotional codes you may see on the web!

If you purchased this key code from an Aavid Sales person, please contact them to resolve the issue.

Once you redeem the credits, they stay with your Aavid Genie account.