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For questions, suggestions, or more information about Aavid or the Genie, our Online Thermal Design Tool, please contact the Aavid Genie Team!

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If you are having issues or need help with the application, please contact Aavid Genie Support directly at the email below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Genie: Genie Credits

How do I get credits if I can’t use PayPal?

You can purchase a key code through our Aavid Sales team so you can use other purchasing methods like Net 30 terms. Your Aavid contact will provide a key code which is redeemable through the Aavid Genie Web App for the number of credits you purchased.

We are working on incorporating the purchase of Aavid Genie Credits with our upcoming revitalization of the Aavid E-store. We’ll post an update here when that happens.

Do Aavid Genie credits expire?

Nope! The credits you have on your account stay with you until you use them.

How do I get more credits for Aavid Genie?

After you register and log into Aavid Genie look at the top right corner of your screen:

Select “User Options,” which is the person icon, then “Buy Credits”:

Here you can purchase credits through PayPal or redeem a Key Code for credits:

Where do I redeem key codes for Credits?

Redeem Aavid Genie Credits within the Web app itself. Select the “User Option” icon in the top right corner of the app and then select “Buy Credits.”

You’ll see a card on the right where you can enter a key code which will redeem the credits immediately.

Do key codes for redeeming Aavid Genie credits expire?

Yes, key codes used for redeeming Aavid Genie credits will expire in time, so redeem them as soon as possible! This is especially true for promotional codes you may see on the web!

If you purchased this key code from an Aavid Sales person, please contact them to resolve the issue.

Once you redeem the credits, they stay with your Aavid Genie account.